About Us

Reign Vintage was created in 2002 with a mission to offer Fashion lovers a credible and affordable alternative to mass manufactured high street offerings. We wanted to enable our customers to be the Rulers of their own individual style – not the high street – thus the name Reign Vintage was born!

So 17 years ago, we readily took on the role of being ‘Outfitters to the Independent’, offering customers an eclectic mix of premium grade vintage clothing and accessories for men and women – including Designer vintage.

We started out selling in fashion industry hot spots Portobello market and Camden market before opening stores in Soho, London and Oxford, where we’re still going strong thanks to our wonderful clientele.

Following an ever increasing number of requests, it seemed only right to make customers happy and to extend our offering to an online store!

Just like our shops, we’re less about piling it high with non-inspirational filler but more about stocking our online store with healthy volumes of well curated premium grade vintage, where plenty of exciting new items are added daily.

Over the years, we have travelled far and wide in our hunt for vintage gems and have built robust contacts with suppliers across Europe, many of whom have now become firm members of the Reign family! They share our vision of what makes the grade and what doesn’t and as such, selections are entirely based on merits of design and originality – not just age for the sake of it.

In order to ensure that all of our retail outlets receive consistently high levels of relevant stock, we import large volumes of clothing & accessories from our European suppliers regularly throughout the year to our substantial UK based warehouse. Once received, all of our stock is re-checked to ensure it meets our quality criteria before being pressed, polished or tunnel steamed so it’s ready to be worn immediately if needs be!

Back in the UK we work with a close knit team of people based at our stores, studio and warehouse – all of whom are passionate and highly knowledgeable about vintage fashion and design, with many also closely involved in the contemporary fashion industry.

For all of us, this is more than just making pounds and pence – there’s a genuine love and pride in what we do and we hope that you get as much enjoyment shopping on our site as we do supplying it!